Cultural Heritage

Cultural Heritage
Cultural Heritage
Autoři:, Miroslav Horák, Vlastimil Sochor, David Hofmann
Jazyk (původní knihy):Jazyk vydání čeština čeština
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Cultural Heritage
Cultural Heritage
Nakladatel:Mendelova univerzita v Brně
Pořadí vydání:1.
Jazyk:Jazyk vydání angličtina angličtina
Překladatel:Eva Dobrovolná
Rozsah (počet stran):164
Formát (výška x šířka):297 x 210 mm
Vazba:měkké desky, lepená brožura oříznutá po třech stranách


This material was created for students of Regional Development Program, specialization Public Administration. It is based on books listed in bibliography and on lectures and seminars of the subject Cultural Heritage. Cultural Heritage is a multidisciplinary subject which combines knowledge from a wide range of areas and fields (cultural anthropology, history of art, marketing, management, museology, law, etc.). To study cultural heritage is important not only for student who are hoping to work in the area of cultural heritage care in the future, but also for everyone who is interested in culture and its history as well as cultural heritage care and who wants to gain a better understanding of this field. Studying this material will make you acquainted with basic terms from the area of culture and cultural heritage and provide you with a brief introduction to the history of art, as well as both material and non-material cultural heritage in the Czech Republic and abroad and with possible ways of utilizing and preserving it. After reading this material, you should understand, among other things, how financing of museums works, why certain cultural heritage sights are becoming derelict, why the entrance to commercial exhibitions is substantially higher than to museums and galleries, etc. This material only provides basic information the field. Becouse of ther limited extend, some information had to have been condensed or left out.

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