Undaunted by Exile!

Undaunted by Exile!
Undaunted by Exile!
Podtitul:To the Victims of Religious, Political, National and Racial Persecutions in Central Europe between the 16th and 20th Century with an Accent on the Czech Lands
Jazyk (původní knihy):Jazyk vydání čeština čeština
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Undaunted by Exile!
Undaunted by Exile!
Nakladatel:Akademie věd České republiky. Historický ústav
Pořadí vydání:1.
Jazyk:Jazyk vydání angličtina angličtina
Rozsah (počet stran):368


A monograph Undanted by Exile! is a work by Czech and Slovak historians on an issue that remains to be the most burning topic not only in the Czech (and Czechoslovak) national space, but also in Central Europe (and Europe), not to say in the whole world. Forced migrations, or in fact emigration and immigration - are fundamental problems of European countries in the second decade of the 21st century.The monograph Undaunted by Exile! has an ambition to present a general image condensed into key problems and, simultaneously, a concrete image in retrieved life stories of nineteen (out of thousands) personalities of the Czech and Czechoslovak state history who, for a particular reason, spent part of their lives as exiles or emigrants beyond the borders of their native country from the 16th to the 20th century.

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