Organizational Security Processes and Crisis Management in the Knowledge Society

Podtitul:Doctoral Thesis Summary
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Jazyk:Jazyk vydání čeština čeština
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Information and Communication Technology (ICT) forms infrastructure basis of most modern organizations in all economic sectors and has become more popular with individuals via new products and its ubiquitousness. Companies use ICT to fulfill both operational objectives and strategic goals, outlined in their fundamental documents. Nowadays, whole industries including algorithmic and high-frequency trading, online retailing, energy industry, military, and health care all assume uninterrupted ICT functionality and continuous availability. The repeated financial, material, and human losses that have occurred recently demonstrate this status should not be taken for granted. It is the author’s belief and the focus of this dissertation that the primary cause for these losses is people, and their actions. Hence, each employee should strive to minimize threat exposure. The doctoral thesis deals with corporate- and user-centric ICT security. Based on evaluation of secondary sources, assumptions for the research part will be formulated by first assessing the current state. The research output will then help formulate recommendations to promote increased security of ICT and users coming into contact with sensitive electronic assets whom the attackers consider a valuable source of information.

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