(art) without borders

Autoři:, Michaela Ottová
Podtitul:Medieval Art and Architecture in the Ore Mountains Region (1250-1550)
Jazyk (původní knihy):Jazyk vydání čeština čeština
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Nakladatel:Filozofická fakulta Univerzity Karlovy v Praze
Pořadí vydání:1.
Jazyk:Jazyk vydání angličtina angličtina
Rozsah (počet stran):320


The book presents the visual culture of the Ore Mountains region in the Late Middle Ages. Its distinctive character and extraordinary wealth was determined both by the subsurface mining of ample ore deposits, and intensive cultural, economic and artistic exchange with the centres in Bohemian inland, Saxony and Franconia. The longtime research into the cultural heritage of the region was crowned by an exhibition in The National Gallery in Prague (November 2015 – March 2016). A team of art historians have structured its first section according to types of art. The chapters on architecture, sculpture and painting do not only offer an overview of the most outstanding monuments and the development of their forms, but also discuss aspects related to the iconography, typology and function...

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